Everybody has a story...

"Where are we going, Frank?" Remember that line? I do, and ever since I saw the movie "Catch me if you Can" that phrase stayed with me. It made me want to travel, explore and create.

For most of my life, I've traveled and discovered new cultures, foods, and languages. I am passionate about being creative. Whether it's cooking a delicious oriental dish, finding a solution to a problem, coming up with an idea, or conceptualizing a brand from scratch, I use my utmost creativity and overdeliver.


As a freelance designer, I handle projects for the media industry, real estate, and other clients. Projects include lead design, the layout of brand strategy, print collateral, online distribution, design and development of the website, social media programs, and search engine optimization.


RTDesignShop is an ONE STOP SHOP for all your brand and marketing needs.

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